M and M Coastal Products

M and M Coastal provides single / multiple Remote Instrument Enclosures, Power Distribution Centers, SCR Houses, Analyzer Shelter and RTU Houses. Products can be built from carbon steel, crimp plate steel, galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel. 

Remote Instrument Enclosures
Power Distribution Centers
SCR Houses
Analyzer Shelters
RTU Houses
Drop Over Enclosures
Crimp Plate Offshore Modules
Single Piece Shipments
Multiple Piece Shipments
Multiple Story
Blast Rated Enclosures
Fire Rated Enclosures
Laser Marked Nameplates
Custom Metal Fabrication

​135'-6" L X 16'-6" W PDC with 58 sections of IEC 
33 kV double bus GIS switchgear.

58'-0" L X 16'-0" W RIE with redundant 10 ton HVAC and purge system.

Left: ​135'-6" L X 16'-6" W PDC with 58 sections of 33 kV GIS switchgear.

Right: 147'-0" X 20'-6" PDC with 400 volt and 6.6 kV switchgear, battery room, UPS and relay panels.